Who we are

Established in 2015, Bethura’s Coffee has been involved in the coffee sector in different capacities. While its main line of business, at first, was retailing coffee to customers in Addis Ababa, the company started roasting and distributing packaged coffee to local consumers and abroad.

Our company’s General Manager is an Ethiopian woman certified by international coffee professionals in the Speciality Coffee Association and Espresso Academy, enabling us to provide training opportunities for different organizations about harvesting, washing, and plucking, selecting, roasting, grinding, packing and marketing coffee. While receiving training we were able to understand the gap that existed in Ethiopia’s coffee sector and learn ways to fill such gaps.

We have also conducted a survey and closely discussed with key stakeholders to understand the challenge faced by farmers, traders and different professionals in the coffee sector. In doing so, it came to our attention that, among many of our findings, farmers are not being compensated properly, while there is a huge loss during the harvesting and post-harvesting process.