Introduction to courses

  • 1-day coffee route

  • Introduction to coffee 
  • Small Coffee Break
  • History
  • Lunch at one of the best restaurants in Addis Ababa. European Food and Ethiopia Traditional Food available with a beautiful Coffee Ceremony. Then after,
  • Different views of coffee around the world

Each day, we learn more about coffee especially when we are engaged with foreigners and so, we are honored to have you are our student. It sure will be an amazing experience!

As these courses are being given, we will also work on your comfort. Coffee and Lunch is included at one of the best restaurant in Addis Ababa where any food of your choice is available including a beautiful Coffee Ceremony

  • 1-week coffee route

Day 1

The aim of the coffee tasting. The organs of sense involved in the coffee tasting: eyes, nose, mouth.

What is it, and how to use a coffee tasting sheet.

Tasting Espresso, filter, brewing

The phases of the coffee tasting: visual, olfactory, assessing, tactile, and aftertaste.

Acidity, bitterness, sweetness, mouthfeel, and aromas: the use of professional terminology.

What is it the cupping, the professional system of coffee tasting?

Cupping of several coffees in single-origin: from the robustas to the best-washed Arabicas…

Tasting of several espresso in single-origin and blended.

A little competition of cupping?



Day 2


Barista Basic

  • What is coffee, a bit of history and, knowledge of the different species: Arabica, robust and other hybrids.
  • The coffee process: picking, stripping, mild and dry method.
  • Introduction to roasting and blending. Visit a roasting plant.
  • Tasting of a good and a bad espresso, tasting different arabicas and robustas, finding differences.
  • The preparation of espresso, dosing, grinding, and tamping.
  • The Cappuccino in theory and in practice.
  • The classic Italian preparations: latte macchiato, caffèlatte, espresso macchiato , shaked coffee etc.
  • An introduction to the brewing world: V60, Aeropress, and other methods…
  • Knowledge and cleaning of the espresso machines. Descaling, backflushing, cleaning of the grinder.

Day 3: Barista Advanced

  • What are the barista and latte art championships? Regulation and competitions.
  • Introduction to professional coffee tasting: the SCAE evaluation boards, testing of several coffees in single-origin, from Mexico Altura to Java to the spicy taste of the Ethiopian Sidamo.
  • Practical test machine: find the right grinding degree and make a correct espresso.
  • Latte art. Video, the “dry” technique, and a lot of practice for the pouring of the rosetta, the heart, tulips the new rainbow cappuccinos, and much more.
  • From the world of the coffee cocktails to the new frontiers, from mochaccino to hot and icy very new proposals…


Day 4: Brewing

  • Introduction to the new world of coffee brewing: brew ratio, the timing of pour, turbulence, temperatures, and other parameters.
  • The best coffees for brewing.
  • The concept of TDS and the use of the refractometer.
  • The various tools of brewing: Aeropress, V60, French press, Chemex, cold drip.
  • Basic practice with these tools.
  • Extractions Aeropress and V60 with various coffee roasted for filter
  • Modifying the grinding, brew ratio, and temperature; evaluating how these parameters modify the organoleptic sensations in the cup.

Day 5: Coffee Shop Management



Day 6: Coffee Roasting

  • Characteristics, evaluation, and defects of the green coffee.
  • Theory of roasting: different temperatures for different coffees, the roasting curves, and profiles, methods of heat transfer, First Crack & Second Crack.
  • Practical exercises of roasting with the colorimetric system of evaluation.
  • Tasting of light and a dark roasted coffee.
  • Blending: create our own blend starting from our taste or the taste of our clients. Tasting of good and a “not very good” coffees already sold in the market.
  • Creating a first simple blend with two different single-origin coffees.
  • 1 month Coffee route

Be the coffee master

Will include:-

  • Harvesting
  • Sorting
  • Selecting
  • Roasting
  • Grinding
  • Packing and finally
  • Latte art and training barista