Saving Ethiopia through Coffee

Coffee! I sometimes wonder how life would be like if coffee was never discovered. Ethiopia is a blessed land that became the land of many origins including coffee. I’m a 27 years old woman that is so passionate about coffee and yes it is my real age. lol I started roasting coffee at such a young age, in the traditional way that I use to stare at the beans getting roasted, changing its appearance, enjoying its smell, and fill up the room with the amazing aroma and gloominess. How is this little bean going to change not just the country but the world? Well here’s how…

In Ethiopia, almost 95% of the population drinks coffee on a daily basis. Mostly on holidays because we love the celebration but if it was the only reason we would drink coffee, then we would make every day a holiday. Coffee is more of a soul provider, an awakening beverage that not only do we love it in the morning, but we also enjoy it at any time of the day. It helps us stay awake, it helps us stay motivated, helps us finish a task or more in a day. We all can agree on the fact that it makes us happy even if we’re in a bad situation.

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