Learn how to make the best coffee.

Here at Bethura’s, we just don’t sell coffee but share our knowledge and experience to anyone that are interested in learning more about coffee with a technical and scientific approach.  As we all know, Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee. Through researches and discoveries, and also being a land of origins we are pleased to explore more about coffee and tell the world about it! You will know more about coffee than you ever did. Join us…. Let’s learn from one another, let’s tell the world that we are capable of roasting and making a real good coffee internationally and not just by the traditional way!

Who might be interested?

  • Are you traveling in Ethiopia, birth place of coffee and want to know more about coffee?
  • Are you planning of opening a coffee related business?
  • Are you passionate about coffee and want to know more?
  • For those who really want to know the world of coffee with a technical and scientific approach.
  • For those who are thinking to build their future in coffee.
  • For those who have a really, really great passion for the beans!
    A very complete trail in coffee. We start from the green coffee beans, to barista technique regarding espresso extraction,cappuccino and latte art.